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    A major part of the job of a personal trainer is to keep clients interested and excited about diet, exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle. Here are some client testimonials:

    I've always been told that lifting weights makes you bulky... well I have been with Gary now for two years and he has really shaped and defined my bod in ways I couldn't possibly imagine. I now encourage all females to challenge their body and live a healthier lifestyle as it has changed mine.

    - Angie Bui

    Angie's transformation


    This is a bit of a long testimonial, but there’s just not enough words to describe how grateful I am to have been able to train with Gary. I went from throwing up the first session to lifting 315 pounds with Gary’s help. Before training with Gary, I had next to zero experience in the gym. The last time I was in a gym was back in high school (nearly 8 years ago). After so many years of being out of shape and generally inactive, I really wanted to have a better lifestyle. I found out about Gary from a friend of mine who had trained with him and got great results. I took the opportunity and put my trust in Gary. Gary tailored my program to push me to my limits while avoiding overdoing things or causing injury. It was truly a unique program and I felt Gary really put the effort into making my program work.

    Gary is a true professional and an endless wealth of fitness and nutrition knowledge. He was always ready to provide support, advice and suggestions on improving my eating habits. Outside of the gym, Gary was always available for coaching, as well as providing reminders and check-ups to ensure I was on track to reach my goal of better overall fitness. Gary has taken me from zero weightlifting experience and to deadlifting 315lbs in just 2 months!! It may not be a lot to you pro’s out there, but for a newbie like me and some of you out there, this is the sort of motivation and success that will keep me working hard.

    I cannot adequately express how grateful I am to have trained with Gary. I recommend ANYONE of ANY FITNESS LEVEL to put their trust in Gary. Gary took me from throwing up the first session to lifting weights I never thought I could do. Gary Lee is the man to help you get to where you want to be.

    - Elden Chan

    315 Pounds Deadlift


    Everything started when my buddy and I got spotted by Gary doing a wrong set of a chest excercise. Gary was very kind and gave us some tips thru out the sets. Soon after we found that he's a personal trainer and we took up a complimentary session with Gary. It has been two months since I started the program and it is amazing how much I've learned so far. Not only can I lift more weight, but I've been making weight gains as well. The most unforgetable experience was the cardio/boxing session, I got pushed to the limit and I have to say that it was the most intensive workout I've ever experienced! I can now say that even people with high metabolism can still make gains. It is possible with Gary!! I highly recommend Gary Lee to those of you who are new to this and want satisfied results.

    - Jack Sung

    After two months


    “Exactly a year ago, I went to Gary Lee seeking help. I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and pursue my dream in becoming a fireman. However, my strength and endurance was nowhere near the level that it was back in high school. Gary was extremely patient and instead of making the exercises and workout plans dull and boring, he made them exciting and was creative in utilizing various gym equipments to hit my muscles. Gary was also very helpful when it came to nutrition and diet, he guided me in the right direction in terms of what are clean foods and dirty foods. I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time working out with Gary, he treats his clients with the utmost respect and shows a level of professionalism and patience that is very admirable. ”

    - Charlie Jin


    “Working with Gary has been a pleasure and a great deal of soreness to my thighs. He's great at what he does and that is what makes it enjoyable to work with him and easy to rely on his judgement. Getting fit and working on my body was the same as telling someone, that I'd just met, what I wished I hadn't done to my body. Training wasn't easy, much less was it pleasant. Gary had brought it to my attention that trainers don't judge you; they try their best to help you achieve your goals. Trusting someone to help me, in my case Gary, to get toned and build up my stamina was so much fun as well as inspiring. It didn't seem like I was working with a trainer, but I was working with a friend who would push me beyond my limits telling me that I could do way better. Even after I'd stopped going to the gym I'd felt inspired to continue working out and I still do. If I had to rate his attitude towards his work and how much time he puts into it, during work hours and out of them, then I'd say 9.5/10. His effort in helping me succeed was undeniably genuine and his encouragement as well as optimism to do the exercises alongside me just made it that much more bearable. ”

    - Marina Yevpak


    “Finding motivation to go to the gym has always been a problem for me and it was something I was able to live with up until now. I found that it was harder for me to stay motivated as I got older. Gary makes working out fun which helped me tremendously to sticking to an exercise program. Gary is easy to get along with, knowledgeable, and I feel completely comfortable working with him. This is the first time in my life I actually want to working out! ”

    - Sara Clarke


    “I asked Gary to train me because I needed some help to prepare for my wedding and honeymoon. I have always been going to the gym but never felt like I was getting much accomplished. Since I started my training with Gary, I started to see noticeable results soon after. I guess I must have been doing the exercises wrong before. He also changed my diet around and really made me more conscious about what foods to eat and what not to eat. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone who wants results and are serious about their body. ”

    - Sandeep Singh

    In October I was working out with my regular gym buddy when Gary, who was working out next to us, gave us some tips on our bench press form. Right away my friend and I both felt a difference then soon signed up with Gary for personal training. So far I’ve been learning many new exercises, stretches, and feeling a difference after every workout. Not only is Gary mixing up the workouts but Gary is helping us plan our meals. He is checking up on us via text on the days we are not seeing him to ensure we are continuously eating right and getting in our workouts. If you are new to working out and want to learn proper form or new intense workouts I would highly recommend G Fitness Training!"

    - Khalif Bashir


    "I have worked with Gary for about one year, and in that year he has help me get back to the person I wanted to be. Gary helped me get back into decent shape that I could be proud of. Gary not only help get into physical shape, but also became a good friend. Gary and I shared many thoughts and conversations not only about physical knowledge, but also about life in general. Gary is a good guy, hardworking and cares for my needs. I am very happy to have met him, and would recommend full heartedly to anybody that wants to better themselves."

    - Eric Menna


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