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    Four New Year's Resolutions for Better Fitness and Health

    by Gary Lee - 01/09/14

    Water and Health Foods

    Keeping with your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions may seem hard to do, more so if you haven’t been able to keep them in the past. Here are four fitness and health tips to keep you motivated for 2014:

    Start small. Most people start with a long list of goals, which is why they fail at achieving them. They are overwhelmed before they even start. Start off by setting small weekly goals then build on them. By following this you build on your previous accomplishments as you work towards the grand goal.

    Eat a well-balanced breakfast daily. Stacking strips of bacon on your plate with a glass of orange juice is an easy way to get a quick breakfast but it’s not the ideal nutritional strategy that will help you build the physique you want. A breakfast containing protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats ensures that you start your day off right. A good breakfast is shown to increase long-term satiety and lowers the chance of binge eating during the day.

    Interval training twice a week. Smashing heavy weight like it’s nothing is fun. However, incorporating high-intensity intervals on any piece of cardio equipment such as the treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine or stationary bicycle can really improve your body composition by destroying fat and revealing some hard-earned muscle definition. Try aiming for two 20 minute interval sessions per week.

    Work on your weaknesses. Why do you think many choose the bench press over the elevated split squat? Both are great compound exercises but the latter is a much more challenging exercise. Excuses are the easy way out in not wanting to do something you are not good at. Working on the exercises that pushes you out of your comfort zone is a great way to help improve your strength and body composition. Make a list of all your weaknesses in the gym and add them into your fitness program being sure to focus on the form.

    Follow these tips: I can assure you that gains will be made in 2014!

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