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    Swing fat away with kettlebells!

    by Gary Lee - 01/14/13

    kettlebell weights

    The kettlebell swing is a simple and time effective exercise when it comes to endurance and strength training. For beginners, it is a fun conditioning tool to melt fat away and improve rear end aesthetics. For advanced lifters, it will help break deadlift plateaus as it has great carry over to the lockout portion of the lift. When performed in high volume for repetitions, it makes you sweat hard; therefore, forcing you to be fitter and leaner. When done even for a short to moderate duration it burns tons of calories and taxes the cardiovascular system. This exercise primarily targets the, posterior chain, muscles located on the back of the body including the back, gluteals, and hamstrings.

    To perform the kettlebell swing, place the kettlebell between your feet. Keep the back flat with your spine in a neutral position. Contract your abdomen and glue your feet to the ground. Keep your shoulders retracted and pulled back. Hinge at the hip then swing the kettlebell by forcefully thrusting your hips forward and contracting your glutes hard. Let gravity bring the weight back down then repeat the motion.

    Despite the swing looking like a front raise squat hybrid, most of the force is generated in the gluteals and hamstrings. The movement's focus is not on sinking down into a squat, but rather on hinging at the hips (minimal knee flexion and maximal hip flexion). At the bottom of the movement, the bell should be close to the groin.

    Kettlebell Swings

    Try these quick and basic kettlebell swing workouts:

    3 sets of 30 with 30 seconds rest in between sets


    As many repetitions as possible in a three minute window

    This exercise is all you need for breath taking changes. Stay swinging!

    kettble bell demonstration