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    Five tips on surviving the holidays

    by Gary Lee - 12/06/12

    Santa Belly

    The holidays are around the corner. This is the time of year when an extra layer of flab gain is inevitable. Or is it not? Follow these tips throughout this holiday season:

    Involve others in your workouts. Don’t think that finding time to exercise will block you from spending time with family and friends. Activities you can do together include snowshoeing, ice skating, snowboarding and even doing jumping jacks laying in the snow (aka snow angels).

    Easy on the drinks. As you all know, alcohol does all kinds of negative things to the body. I’m not going to go into how the bad outweigh the good. Watch your drink consumption, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. When going out to parties just volunteer to be the designated driver so you won’t be forced to drink!

    Pawn off treats and food. Obviously, people have good intentions when they give you tasty food and candy gifts. Accept the gift without consuming it! There are many opportunities to re-give food gifts during the holidays: bring them to parties and potlucks, but don’t eat any! Or better yet, donate it to a food collection place to spread the holiday giving spirit. This also saves you the hassle from shopping for gifts!

    Talk. I find myself guilty of this one in some occasions. The holidays are all about time with others. At parties and gatherings, enjoy the good conversations and activities instead of dancing around the food table. Real talk.

    No. Quite often people feel forced to eat foods because others keep offering it to them. Remember, will eating additional unnecessary food help you get to where you want to be? All it takes is a simple “No”, in a polite manner of course.

    Remember to not eat anything in sight like an animal, but party like one! Happy holidays!

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