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    Gary's Story

    Born and raised in Vancouver, Gary Lee is the founder of G Fitness Training and trains clients in Vancouver, BC as well as throughout the greater Vancouver area. Gary was often known as the “skinny guy” growing up. Being hyperactive as a child, he had no trouble finding time for exercise whether it was on the basketball court, on the field or at home. However, he never gained much muscle mass. It was not until a close friend of his introduced him to weight lifting during his university years that he started to take working out more seriously. With the support of friends and coaches, Gary soon made big changes to his body composition. This taught him that hard work and dedication are a must in order to achieve the body he wanted. Even though it started off as a hobby, he continues to lift hard for his own personal satisfaction and well-being. Gary strongly believes that when someone puts their mind into something and is guided in the right direction, there is no reason why he or she cannot achieve what they want to become. Happiness and health are two things Gary values greatly in life and he strives to provide the same for his clients.